Edco Exam Papers

Edco Exam Papers

Edco offer an extensive range of quality exam papers to cover JC & LC exam subjects. Edco Exam Papers come with free solutions, exam advice, interactive lanaguage CD-ROMs, progress charts, podcasts, online study hub access, high-quality sample papers and lots more!

Free Solutions Online & Solution Booklets

Edco Exam Papers come with FREE SOLUTIONS online for 28 JC & LC Exam Papers for both teachers and students. Free printed Leaving Certifcate Project Maths (OL & HL) SOLUTION BOOKLETS are also available to teachers, in addition to FREE ONLINE SOLUTIONS for Classroom Projection.

Language Exam Papers

Edco Listening Comprehension CD-ROMs are available FREE with Edco Exam papers for JC & LC Irish, French, German & Spanish.  The CD-ROMs contain listening comprehensions from past exams, with repeats, printable scripts, key-words translated, maxmise your marks exam tips & lots more!

New Edco Exam Paper Range